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When legal secretary Jamie Winters' boss lets her use his swanky home at the Jersey Shore for her vacation, she naturally expects to share relaxing days full of sea and sun with her very significant other, Curt Emerson. But during a romantic walk on the beach one night, the mood is ruined when Jamie falls over a dead body buried in the sand. Worse--the body belongs to Annie Hollander, the class misfit from Jamie's high school days. And even worse--somehow, before the police arrive on the scene, the body disappears!

And when a mysterious stranger shows up at their door with a gold locket, claiming that Sasquatch stole Annie's body, Jamie and Curt are suddenly dragged into an investigation involving some shady characters in a town past its prime. Can they solve the mystery of Annie's death? Or is this one vacation Jamie won't be coming back from?

"Brilliant Fun! Kelly's writing style is very entertaining with descriptive language, witty banter, humorous predicaments, perilous accidents, and diverse personalities. Page turner deluxe!
--Kings River Life Magazine

                              MURDER OF A MISFIT

      (formerly published in the KILLER BEACH READS anthology)   

                                   Available now for a limited time

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Preorder is available at $2.99 for this exclusive boxed set collection, available from August 1 through the end of 2023.  

Includes Motion for Murder, Book #1 in the Jamie Winters series.

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