Death by Diamonds 

                    Jamie Winters Mysteries Book #6

Diamonds are not always a girl's best friend. At least that's what legal secretary turned reluctant sleuth Jamie Winters realizes when a dead body shows up on her boyfriend Curt's patio...with a pocket full of diamonds! The dead woman was an old college friend of Curt's, and the deeper Jamie digs, the more it appears someone was out to get her. With the help of her teenage sidekick, Maizy, Jamie tries to determine if Amber was an innocent victim or a jewel thief. And as the case leads them to a shady pawnshop and its shadier staff, Jamie realizes no one is whom they appear to be and everyone is a suspect. Was it the wannabe mobster owner, his long-suffering wife, his spoiled daughter, the gold-obsessed clerk, or the inscrutable security guard? Or possibly it was the owner's hired muscle, nicknamed the Disposer...who just may dispose of Jamie and Maizy! One thing is for sure: the killer will stop at nothing to reclaim those diamonds, and if she isn't careful, Jamie could just be the next target in the way!


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